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  Lehman Lawn Care Equipment  

Our company has been building specialty equipment since the early 1960’s. In 1972, we added fiberglass production to our manufacturing facilities. Since that time we have made a variety of fiberglass parts for our own proprietary lines of equipment. We also manufacturer custom fiberglass parts for other industries.

     In 1990's, we began building parts for another company that were being used in the lawn care industry. When we saw the application of these parts it became evident that improvements could be made. Subsequently, basics changes were made that increased the efficiency and usefulness of the product.

     In the year 2000, we had the opportunity to work directly with a lawn care company and further developed the equipment. They had specific needs and we felt we could build what they wanted. With their cooperation we went through a step-by-step design process and eventually created a unique system that works very well. The results have been very positive and we have continued to build additional systems.

     We are pleased with what we have learned and we are proud to have numerous Lehman Lawn Care Systems in use throughout USA and Canada.

     Our basic design includes our dry storage boxes and liquid mixing and storage tanks. This system is uniquely designed for use in standard pick up trucks. However, we have systems being used in both vans and on flat bed trucks.

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